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Computer Repair and Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Seragree customers never worry about how much computer repairs will cost or who to call to resolve a problem.

Seragree provides service agreement plans to business and home users that protect them against the breakdown of there computer systems. With a service agreement from Seragree our customers never worry about how much repairs will cost or who to call to fix a broken item. Their service agreements safeguard them from these unknowns and provide them with “No Worry” protection all year long. We even offer full replacement coverage; if it can’t be fixed we replace it at no additional cost.

Simply put, our service agreements are the solution to your IT service needs.

Now you’re probably thinking this type of protection must cost a fortune. Well the truth is that most people are pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price of our service agreements.  At Seragree™ we have affordable plans covering multiple items starting at less than $100 for a full year.

Take some time and “surf” around our site. You’ll discover that in addition to our service agreements we offer other important services. And don’t miss the helpful hints section, there you’ll find solutions to many simple problems you can take care of yourself. We also have a career opportunity section; we’re always looking for exceptional people to join our team.