Computer Maintenance

In order to keep your computer as trouble-free as possible, perform these simple steps periodically to keep your computer’s hard drive free of errors and your system hardware free of potential conflicts. Performing these steps will definitely save you money in the long run.

Helpful Hints
Error Messages: Keep a note pad close by and write down the error messages that pop up. These notes will help a technician track your problem and could help reduce the amount of time your system is down.

If your computer seems slow or non responsive, you may need more memory or a bigger hard drive. But most likely you problem is being caused by an over loaded system with temp files and programs running in the background that you do not see.

Spyware has become almost unavoidable, but you can still take some preventative measures. For example, Spybot S&D and AdAware are freeware programs that helps find and rid your PC of spyware.

Emails: Do not open attachments from unknown sources. Most viruses are spread via attachments.

Backup: Make regular backups of your important documents to CD, USB flash drive or another Hard Disk Drive.

Passwords: The most secure passwords contain both numbers and letters. You can use various personal words, without someone guessing them quickly.

Example: the word password could be converted to read PA55W0RD substituting the S for a five and the O for a zero

Play and Enjoy: Don’t be intimidated by the technology turn it on and click, read and explore. We all learn best when playing and having fun.

The Manual: I know, I know. You don’t need to read it cover to cover (there are no pop quizzes here), but if you flip through it you may find something that you never knew.


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