Service Agreement

What are Service Agreements?

A Seragree Service Agreement is a type of insurance that protects you against the unexpected breakdown, and the need for repair or replacement* of your computer systems. After you choose what you want to cover and purchase that agreement, you are protected against repair and replacement* costs for those items for a full year.
(*You may choose repair coverage for any or all items. You may choose optional replacement coverage, which is available for many items and includes enhanced repair as well as full replacement. Replacement coverage provides for new, equal quality replacement equipment when it is not possible to repair an item.)

How do they work?

When you have a service agreement and you need repair for a covered item, you simply contact the Seragree – Service Centre and request a service appointment; we do the rest! One of our expertly trained and uniformed technicians will promptly and reliably diagnose and resolve your problem.

Why a Service Agreement?

Some of the most popular reasons people have one of our service agreements include the following:

  • Our service agreements protect you against the high costs of unexpected repair and replacement of IT equipment
  • Our service agreements provide you with complete inspections and preventative maintenance.
  • Our service agreements protect you against the possibility of repair “rip-offs”.
  • Our service agreements provide you with the peace of mind of knowing whom to call when you need service.
  • Our service agreements end the question of whether or not a repair service is qualified and will stand behind their work.

Each of our customers has other personal reasons why they originally purchased our service agreement and why they will continue to renew it year after year. You probably have a few reasons of your own.

How much does a Seragree Service Agreement cost?

The price of a service agreement depends on several factors:

  • What system you choose to cover
  • The age of the items you choose to cover and
  • The type of service agreement you choose “all inclusiveā€¯ or “co-payment”

We have service agreements available for as little as $100 per year, most people are surprised at the affordability of our service agreements.

Saving You Money

We are always looking at how to help you save you money. Many times, if we are able to solve your computer problem quickly with guidance over the phone, we will do that without charge or offer you paid Remote Support at less cost than an onsite visit.

If you are due free tech support on your issue from a hardware or software vendor or an Internet service provider, we will tell you so and guide you on who to call. If we feel your machine is not worth fixing, we will tell you that too – even if it means us losing a service call. We don’t make any money doing all that, but we know what makes good service. Hopefully, when you really need us, you’ll be able to trust that we are serving your best interests. Some of our best customers started out this way, getting free consultations over the phone.

Ensuring Quality Service

If we do proceed to a service call, your service manager will assist the technician to carry out your request with all the available tools at our disposal. Of course, we fully guarantee the work of every technician who serves you.

Fair Billing – No Travel Fees

When we come to your home or office for an onsite service call, you will only be charged for the time the technician is actually there, not for their travel time. We do require a one-hour minimum service call but that is the only restriction. If your problem is solved within the hour, you are entitled to use the technician’s time for the remainder of the hour, tuning your system, tutoring you on proper care of the machine or the use of software.

Make the Comparison

If your computer needs work, compare our service with taking your computer into a shop.

Instead of crawling under your desk,unplugging all the wires, and taking your computer in for an estimate that will likely cost you between $55 and $100 and take up to 4 days to get an overpriced quote. At Seragree, we charge you a minimum one hour service call and we actually work for that hour! All you need to do is pick up the phone and within 24 hours, a Seragree technician will be at your door.

Cost Comparison Chart