Cloud Services

Seragree’s Cloud Service Solutions for Small Businesses

Cloud solutions are becoming popular with small businesses because they are secure, easy to use and often more affordable then hosting these services on premise.

What exactly is the cloud and what does it offer?

The “cloud” refers to technology, for example servers and software platforms, hosted off-site outside of your physical business. These cloud services let your small business utilize enterprise quality technology which normally would be only available to large corporations who can afford to house the technology on premise and staff an IT department.

Fully Managed Cloud Services Include

Cloud Data Backups

All of your important business data is securely backed up to a cloud storage server which is located off-site so you don’t have to worry about losing any data do to equipment failure or damage.

Cloud Email

Cloud email services offer a wider range of email features and are easily administered. Hosted Exchange Server, Google Apps for Business (Gmail), Office 365 Business

Cloud Servers

Hosting your company’s servers in the cloud will ensure your data is secure. Our team can manage and perform administration tasks for you. Servers include Application Servers, Database Servers – SQL Server, Web Servers