Monthly Maintenance

Speed Up Your Web Browsing

Check your browser history and cache files. Periodically delete the cache files and history files then reset the history files to no more than three days unless you specifically need to store that information longer. By freeing up the cache, downloads from the Web actually speed up since there is more space available to store the temporary files.

Windows and Driver Updates

If it is not set automatically for some reason, you should perform Windows Updates ( and install any vital security patches and updates. You can also update any drivers for your hardware. These are important steps. If you have never done this, and/or are on a dialup Internet connection, it can take quite some time.

Put Your Back Up To The Test – The back up files cannot be depended upon. Restore files from different folders — you are primarily looking for the ones that are expendable. If you are unable to restore them, you need to examine the backup software or the actual backup media itself (hard drive, CD, etc)