Desktop Management

Desktop Maintenance and Support

Seragree’s desktop management team creates an automated maintenance routine for your desktops. Our professionals setup scheduled updates and scans for viruses and malware during the evening hours when it will not interrupt your daily business operations.

Hardware Services

Preventative Maintenance

Our fully certified repair service will perform a complete inspection of all fans, cables and connections in your system, as well, removal of dust and debris that have built up in the system. Making sure your computer parts are in as good condition as the day you purchased it.

Hardware Installs / Repairs

Our fully certified repair service will assess if a repair is possible and repair all defective parts. If a repair is not possible we will direct you in the most cost effective way. When you are looking to install/upgrade your hardware Seragree™ can purchase the parts for you and bring them with us when we come to do the install/upgrade.

System Crash Recovery

A very important task is creating a backup. We create for you, a backup of your main boot drive on CD, so your system can be recovered in the event of a catastrophic failure of your system. In just a few moments your system can be returned to working condition.

System Consulting

Let our IT professionals design a computer system that will meet your business and computing needs.

Software Services

Software Installs / Repairs

Do you have a new software package that needs installation on your desktop machines? Let our team install and configure the software for you. You may have existing software that is no longer running smooth or crashing, we can perform a repair installation to get things back and running again.

Virus Removal and Protection

Virus protection is critical in keeping your business safe and running smooth. Our team will implement virus protection and schedule the proper scans to detect and remove any viruses.

Preventative Maintenance

Our fully certified repair service will perform a complete system registry inspection checking for unwanted and malicious software, Spy-Ware, Viruses, Worms and Pop-ups, as well, update any system files that require updating. Making sure your OS is in as good condition as the day you installed it.

Software Consulting

Let our professional IT team recommend software packages that will help you run your business with the best productivity. We can setup and install evaluation software for you to evaluate and see if it fits your business needs.