Network Management

Network Management for Small Businesses

Seragree knows that in today’s business world, a computer network is essential to meeting your business demands. Out IT professionals will setup, configure and maintain your network.

Our IT support team will configure all your devices, desktops, smartphones and tablets, to access your internet and network resources.

Network Management Services Include:

Internet Setup

Seragree™ service technicians can set up your Internet so you are able to access it from the system you want when you want it.

Router Management

Our IT specialist will install, configure and troubleshoot router problems.

FIrewall Management

Keeping your businesses data and computer systems safe from outside threats is critical. Out IT specialists will install and configure a firewall to manage access to the internet and keep your systems safely behind the firewall.

VPN Management

Let out IT team setup a VPN (virtual private network) to allow you and your employees to access your business network securely from remote locations.

Remote Desktop Services

Seragree’s IT professionals can setup and configure remote desktop services so you and your employees can access their office computers from over the internet.